Career Exploration Presentations & Workshops

Every semester, Career Exploration Services provides workshops and presentations to ISU classes and student organizations on a variety of career exploration topics.  Our presentations address topics related to the first 3 Steps of the Career Plan (Exploring Self, Occupations, and Majors).  We offer 3 outreaches, which can be tailored to the unique needs of your classroom or group.

Intro to 4-Step Career Exploration Process

This outreach is aimed at exploration of self and the world of work. Students will get a description of the different areas utilized to understand self (e.g., interests, personality) and the world of work (e.g., exploring careers, job shadowing). Student will learn about the different decision-making styles and be encouraged to discuss the ones they engage in and how that helps/hinder them. Students will also briefly learn about the services we provide.  This outreach generally takes 15-50 minutes, depending on the level of depth.  

Exploring Career Interests 

This outreach is aimed at exploration of self (e.g, interests, values) and the world of work (e.g., careers) with a specific focus on interests. Students will briefly learn about the different interest areas and how these areas relate to specific majors and/or careers. Students will engage in exploring their own interest areas and discussing these areas with other students in the class. Students will learn how to incorporate their different interests areas to start examining potential majors and/or careers that would fit them well.  This outreach generally takes 15-50 minutes, depending on the level of depth.  

Services provided by Career Exploration Services 

This outreach is aimed at describing the services we provide. Students will learn in detail about our three main services: career coaching, career counseling, and the personal career development course. In addition, students will be presented with how to explore their interest areas and understand their career decision-making styles. This outreach generally takes 10-15 minutes.


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